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Best Mediterranean & Turkish Catering in NYC

Ordering with us is simple and stress free.

Our kitchen would love to cover your entire event from appetizers to desserts. We have been serving New York City and its surrounding areas since 2011. As one of the leading providers of Turkish catering services, we specialize in office catering in New York, as well as Mediterranean and corporate catering. Our highly experienced culinary team always looks into serving only the top ingredients that come from Turkey and the entire Mediterranean region. Whether it’s for a corporate event, private party, or any special occasion, our Turkish catering in New York is designed to impress your guests with authentic flavors.

Deliveries are always prompt and packed cautious to meet your requirements and to  make you look good to your co workers or guests.

“Catering for every budget”

Our large variety of packages were designed and organized to fit every budget, 

“Placing an order”

We made it so simple!

If you feel that you have no questions and feel comfortable ordering online simply just click “Order Online” but if you would still like to hear our voice and place an order on the phone give us a call at (212) 221-3333.