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You’ve all heard how seafood has been the magnet that draws tourists to countries like Thailand, with its fusion of coconut and spice; Tokyo, for their raw seafood made into sushis and makis; Seattle, for their shellfish and oysters; Vietnam, for their fish sauce and shrimp paste, and specific countries in Europe for their seafood […]

If there’s one traditional dessert worth trying out when you step inside a Turkish restaurant, it has got to be Turkish Baklava. This sweet and delicious treat is often considered as a “national dessert” for much of Turkey and even most Mediterranean countries. Let’s take a quick look at the history of Turkish Baklava and […]

Craving for some tasty Turkish treats but don’t have a clue where to start? Here are 10 special Turkish recipes that should be perfect for your hungry palette. 1. Kebaps Ever wondered what those big slabs of roasted meat you see in most Turkish restaurants were? The ones where they take big chunks off and […]

Hailed as one of the three most sumptuous cuisines around the world, Turkish food celebrates culture and flavor. Origin of Turkish Food In order to understand Turkish cuisine, it is important to know a bit about Turkish history. The original Turks weren’t city folk, in fact, they lived a nomadic lifestyle; travelling from the Far […]