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Seafood – The Turkish Way

You’ve all heard how seafood has been the magnet that draws tourists to countries like Thailand, with its fusion of coconut and spice; Tokyo, for their raw seafood made into sushis and makis; Seattle, for their shellfish and oysters; Vietnam, for their fish sauce and shrimp paste, and specific countries in Europe for their seafood sandwiches and pies.

There are a lot of cities famous for specializing in seafood, but I bet you didn’t know how seafood are done the Turkish way, clouded by the stereotype that Turkey is best known for kebabs. What the world overlooked is how savory the dishes and how rich the flavours are in Turkey.

A trip to Turkey will definitely not be complete without trying their seafood. Seafood stands are actually one of the highlights, as they are scattered in the streets. It’s not an overestimation to assume that Turkish KNOW fish.

Salmon FilletSeafood in Turkey is called Mediterranean or Aegean cuisine. No matter how you choose to call it, one thing’s for sure – Turkish seafood dishes are a must try! Turkey offers a wide range of, not to mention universal, seafood that would compliment different flavorful ingredients and would tickle your tastebuds.

Every month, restaurants serve new delicacies of seafood at its prime. Each are made into scrumptious dishes – grilled, fried, steamed, stuffed; sweet, sour, spicy, salty; eaten alone or with rice, bread, pita, vegetables or with beer; and served in restaurants that run from fine-dining, casual, family-style, and street kiosks.

AnTalia Restaurant offers a taste of Turkey in New York City. With its authentic Turkish seafood dishes, taking a food-trip in Istanbul is within reach.

Salmon Fillet
Salmon fillet, char-grilled served with mixed greens and carrots, lemon & oil dressing.

Salmon Kebab
Marinated chunks of salmon wrapped in grape leaves char-grilled served with mixed greens & carrots, lemon & oil dressing.

Levrek (Sea Bass)
Chargrilled Mediterranean Seabass, served with mix greens and carrots, lemon & oil dressing

Cupra (Royal Dorado)
A whole fish from the Greek seas, served with mix greens and carrots.

Alabalik (Trout)
Whole brook trout char-grilled served with mixed greens & carrots, lemon & oil dressing

Grill Shrimp
Grilled shrimp kebab served with mixed greens and carrots, lemon & oil dressing.

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